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Hello! We’re putting the finishing touches on a dessert cookbook. As with many projects, the first 90% went smoothly – choosing recipes from the archive, writing descriptions, taking pictures. It’s the second 90% that are hardest 😉 Today we requested an ISBN number, replaced some food pictures (some early photos were ‘less appealing’) and started this blog to share stories from behind the scenes.

It’s been a 16 month journey before/after work and during weekends; the good news is that much of the infrastructure is reusable. As a software guy, I like automation and shudder to hear of independent authors manually rearranging references, fixing formatting, or revising some oft-repeated text. Fortunately, we’ve got a nifty new solution, more on that later. Hopefully it will help with the next project – Jaya’s favorite mains dishes 😀

We do love to cook, or rather: eat well, and one leads to the other. It’s a pleasure to record and share our favorite dishes, each refined over about 10 iterations. We hope to spread the joy and delight of good food 🙂

Author: jj

Jan is partly fueled by chocolate. 14 years ago at the age of 18, he realized that moving to university would require another food source. His mother wrote a starter cookbook, leading to many sociable gatherings in the student dorm kitchen. A tasty demo convinced the group to invest in an ice cream maker. Happy years of plentiful frozen desserts, baking, Frisbee, and dancing ensued. After moving out, finishing an algorithm engineering PhD and one too many visits to the dentist, he shifted focus to healthier desserts. A keen interest in nutrition, stoked by hundreds of research articles, led to major changes. Motivated by a desire for continual improvement, Jan tested and tweaked each recipe at weekly cooking get-togethers. He is eager to share the delightful results and hopes to adequately communicate the why and how. Jan is joined in his passion for cooking by his wife Jaya. With a combined 30 years of kitchen experience, they bring together the best of East and West.

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