5 kitchen gadgets: retrospective after 3 years

Kitchen gadgets are quite important to us, and reviews are often posted after only a few weeks/months of use, so we thought it would be interesting to share a longer-term perspective.

The 5 electric appliances we’ve had more than 3 years are:

  • Unold 48816 ice cream maker (10 years)
  • Toyomi WK1516 electric kettle (6 years)
  • Komo Fidibus grain mill (6 years)
  • Bosch MUM 5 kitchen machine (4 years)
  • Bianco di Puro Volto high-speed blender (3.5 years)

We’ll share a few thoughts on each, how often we’ve used them, and how they’re holding up.

Unold 48816 ice cream maker

Wow, this one made it to the 10 year mark. Especially in the humid Singapore climate, we were running this one twice a week. Probably 300+ uses – that’s pretty good value for a 180 EUR appliance, and a few percent of what 200 liters of ice cream cost. The motor recently conked out after some grinding noises – probably the plastic gears. Fortunately, replacements can still be had.

Toyomi WK1516 electric kettle

It’s astonishingly hard to find electric kettles that don’t have any plastic in contact with the hot water. This one doesn’t, and has served us well – about 3000 uses. The handle came off after about 5 years, so we got another.

Komo Fidibus grain mill

Commercially available flour does have some issues. We first used this mill for wheat (all kinds of baking), then buckwheat and rice, now mostly oats and flaxseeds (for breakfast porridge). Although stone mills generally do not handle oilseeds well, frozen flaxseeds seem to be fine at least for coarse shredding, which improves their bioavailability. It’s fun to see grains go in and coarse/fine flour come out, and the freshness does make a difference. Still, 300 EUR for about 300 uses is less value than the other gadgets. There is also concern about the rubbery mountings between the motor and the nice wood housing – one of them ripped off, so it’s risky to open and adjust the coarseness now. In retrospect, probably better to go with an attachment for a kitchen machine.

Bosch MUM 5 kitchen machine

This one held up well despite four years of heavy duty: perhaps as many as 800 uses (oats + dough + chocolate + grated veggies each week). Excellent value for a 200 EUR appliance, and still going strong. In retrospect, with this kind of usage it may have been better to go with the slightly more powerful model with a glass blender jar.

Bianco di Puro Volto high-speed blender

At 550 EUR, this one is the priciest, and also our favorite. We’re actually using it 2-3 times per day, probably 3000+ total. Amortization was initially a concern but it held up fine so far; if it breaks down, we’d replace it immediately and wait impatiently for its arrival. The 1400 watt motor is enough for all but large amounts of very viscous nut butter or hummus.

Closing thoughts

These gadgets really help us on a (near-)daily basis, and we’re grateful that they have lasted this long. Full disclosure: we have no interest in the manufacturing or sale of these appliances, but hope sharing our experience with them is useful.

Author: jj

Jan is partly fueled by chocolate. 14 years ago at the age of 18, he realized that moving to university would require another food source. His mother wrote a starter cookbook, leading to many sociable gatherings in the student dorm kitchen. A tasty demo convinced the group to invest in an ice cream maker. Happy years of plentiful frozen desserts, baking, Frisbee, and dancing ensued. After moving out, finishing an algorithm engineering PhD and one too many visits to the dentist, he shifted focus to healthier desserts. A keen interest in nutrition, stoked by hundreds of research articles, led to major changes. Motivated by a desire for continual improvement, Jan tested and tweaked each recipe at weekly cooking get-togethers. He is eager to share the delightful results and hopes to adequately communicate the why and how. Jan is joined in his passion for cooking by his wife Jaya. With a combined 30 years of kitchen experience, they bring together the best of East and West.

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