An introduction
2016-06-04 MakingOf

Hello! We’re putting the finishing touches on a dessert cookbook. As with many projects, the first 90% went smoothly – choosing recipes from the archive, writing descriptions, taking pictures. It’s the second 90% that areĀ hardest šŸ˜‰ Today we requested an ISBN number, replaced some food pictures (some early photos were ‘less appealing’) and started this blog to share stories from behind the scenes.

It’s been a 16 month journey before/after work and during weekends; the good news is that much of the infrastructure is reusable. As a software guy, I like automation and shudder to hear of independent authors manually rearrangingĀ references, fixing formatting, or revisingĀ some oft-repeated text. Fortunately, we’ve got a nifty new solution, more on that later. Hopefully it will help with the next project –Ā Jaya’s favorite mains dishes šŸ˜€

We do love to cook, or rather: eat well, and one leads to the other. It’s a pleasure to recordĀ and share our favorite dishes, each refined over about 10 iterations. We hope to spread the joy and delight of good food šŸ™‚

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